The concept of the Sweet 16 birthday party is great to see.  This is often considered by many to be a rite of passage because a person who is at least sixteen years of age is legally able to drive a vehicle.  It is a time when a person moves from one’s childhood and gets one step closer to being an adult.  Also, it is the time when one can legally get a  job in the United States.  It truly is an important time in one’s life.

What Types of Traditions Are There?

sweet16 The Importance of the Sweet 16 Birthday Party

One other important part of the Sweet 16 party comes from the many traditions that are associated with this specialtime.  Dancing ceremonies are often offered at many parties.  This is where the person who is turning sixteen will dance with one’s parent, allowing the parent to introduce the birthday girl to the world as an adult.

Another aspect of the party involves giving heirlooms to the person turning sixteen.  These may include items like jewelry from an old relative or something else of sentimental value to the family.  The main part of this is that heirlooms are designed to allow for some form of symbolism where one generation of the family is going to honor the next.  This is to keep the traditions and respect of the family tree alive as one grows up.  It can be highly influential with regards to the attitudes that are being established in the family.

One ceremony that is specific for young women is the shoe ceremony.  This is where the young woman will wear flats and then receive high heel shoes.  This is done as a means of showing that the person is going from one part of the family to a much higher one.

Are Cars Given?

The Sweet 16 birthday party is not a time when a car is to be given out per se.  Rather, it is a time for the person who is turning sixteen to be respected and honored.  Part of this may even involve allowing the person to have the freedom to look for a car.  There is no need for parents to get a new car and any plans to pay for part of a new car is under the discretion of those parents.

The Sweet 16 birthday party is certainly an important one to a young woman.  It is relevant to anyone’s life as it involves moving on into adulthood.  It can truly be symbolic and important for any girl when growing up.

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