I was asked to write a little about Beat by Beat Entertainment since I have attended five of their events and gotten to know the company well. The first thing that sets them apart is experience.

The two owners of Beat by Beat have forty years of combined experience in event planning and they take an unmatched personal approach to the business. This background helps them create your perfect environment and  they know what it takes to make your special day even more spectacular than you imagined.

They have an almost surreal ability to “read the crowd” and know the moment to play a specific song. It truly is an art! The way they are able to somehow keep an enormous age range of guests happy on the dance floor and involved throughout the entire event is absolutely a must see. I’ve personally witnessed a two year old dancing with a sixty plus year old and having the best time of their lives. I’ve also seen them pull a few unforgettable tricks out of their hats.

They have been awarded many high scale event productions based on the fact that they are able to produce an amazing live performance with their “In House” musicians.These performers are available anytime (if it fits into your special occasion). bbb difference graphic2 The Beat By Beat DifferenceMany people have said that “The Electric Drum Package has changed their perspective on all event productions because they never seen anything like it! It has brought joy and happiness to people of all ages because they get to watch someone perform right in front of their eyes.  And this performance is always at the perfect volume because the drums are perfectly mixed with the music and it sounds like real drums. Party hosts also have the ability to create their own drum sounds & play along to the music or with headphones (so no one else can hear them) & thats a big advantage!!!!

I have read many testimonials and have spoken to even more clients about the performance component of Beat by Beat’s events . Every single person told me that it “It made their party”. If something happens at an event and you didn’t even plan or purchase it (and it becomes “The most memorable part” or even – The best part of your special occasion”!!) that really makes a company stand out.

Beat by Beat’s overall personality driven performances as well as their unique ability to offer you more options than any of their competition truly sets them apart! I have never witnessed an event planning company work so closely with their clients.  They help customers create exactly what they want and provide people with knowledge, so they can make “the best decision” for their family or special occasion. Then they create exactly what everyone agreed on and planned. Customers are ensured “peace of mind” especially when they realize that their event is running more smoothly than they imagined.

bbb differences3 The Beat By Beat DifferenceThey also take the the “total event productions” label very seriously. No one wants to deal with fifteen or more vendors to get all of their special needs taking care of. That would mean that the hosts would have to deal with fifteen separate potential problems or mistakes at any point in time during their special occasion. Beat by Beat takes away that concern. Since all their services are ‘in house” and they don’t sub contract anything out, the potential for trouble or mistakes is much lower. And having those extras delivered by a team that’s been working together for years makes the chance of a mistake even lower.

Beat by Beat is a truly unique company that takes a different approach to the event production business. And that approach delivers an easy, high contact, worry free planning and party experience for their clients. There’ really is no one like them in their business. Get in touch with them today and experience the “Beat by Beat” difference for yourself.

Patrick Larsen,

Beat by Beat Customer