The Importance of the Sweet 16 Birthday Party

The concept of the Sweet 16 birthday party is great to see.  This is often considered by many to be a rite of passage because a person who is at least sixteen years of age is legally able to drive a vehicle.  It is a time when a person moves from one’s childhood and gets one step closer to being an adult.  Also, it is the time when one can legally get a  job in the United States.  It truly is an important time in one’s life.

What Types of Traditions Are There?

sweet16 The Importance of the Sweet 16 Birthday Party

One other important part of the Sweet 16 party comes from the many traditions that are associated with this specialtime.  Dancing ceremonies are often offered at many parties.  This is where the person who is turning sixteen will dance with one’s parent, allowing the parent to introduce the birthday girl to the world as an adult.

Another aspect of the party involves giving heirlooms to the person turning sixteen.  These may include items like jewelry from an old relative or something else of sentimental value to the family.  The main part of this is that heirlooms are designed to allow for some form of symbolism where one generation of the family is going to honor the next.  This is to keep the traditions and respect of the family tree alive as one grows up.  It can be highly influential with regards to the attitudes that are being established in the family.

One ceremony that is specific for young women is the shoe ceremony.  This is where the young woman will wear flats and then receive high heel shoes.  This is done as a means of showing that the person is going from one part of the family to a much higher one.

Are Cars Given?

The Sweet 16 birthday party is not a time when a car is to be given out per se.  Rather, it is a time for the person who is turning sixteen to be respected and honored.  Part of this may even involve allowing the person to have the freedom to look for a car.  There is no need for parents to get a new car and any plans to pay for part of a new car is under the discretion of those parents.

The Sweet 16 birthday party is certainly an important one to a young woman.  It is relevant to anyone’s life as it involves moving on into adulthood.  It can truly be symbolic and important for any girl when growing up.

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What Happens At a Bar Mitzvah Party?

Jewish boys celebrate bar mitzvahs as a rite of passage. It is a solemn occasion that introduces young boys into the faith with the blessings of the elderly and respected members of the community. However, it is also an occasion of merriment and dancing, a time to celebrate with the family as they rejoice in this milestone. There is often a sequence of events during this occasion which starts with introducing the family celebrator to the guests. Here’s what guests can expect during celebrations like mitzvah party planner long island 300x150 What Happens At a Bar Mitzvah Party?

The family comes in front as they are introduced by the disc jockey or the master of ceremonies, followed by the celebrator or celebrators.

Candle Lighting 
This is when boy celebrator calls up his family so they can each go up and light a candle to be placed on his cake. He may give a short introduction of the person being asked to come through a short speech or a poem. The first candle is lit to remember family members who have died.

The reading of scripture usually happens in the synagogue before the party, so guests often immediately sit down to eat. However, prior to the meal, the oldest person in the family recites the Ha-motzi, a traditional prayer and blessing.This is done over challah, a special type of bread by the oldest person in the family, usually the grandfather and is done to honor God and his blessings on the boy and his family. After the blessing the bread is sliced and shared by the celebrator’s closest relatives.

Child-Parent Dance 
The child-parent dance is when the boy dances a special dance with his mom to a special kind of music. When the celebrator is a girl, she dances with her father. This is a tender moment for the parent and child and one of the main events in any bar mitzvah.

This is the main event, the time when everyone can get up and start dancing. This is traditionally called the Hora, where it is expected to raise the celebrator high up on a chair as the guests surround him and his family in a circle as the guests dance around them. The Hora is a joyous and fast-paced dance and is easily a notable characteristic of bar mitzvahs and other Jewish celebrations.

The Toast 
The toast can be done before or after the Hora and is done by the parents to honor their child. They can also use this time to thank the guests for coming and joining them in the celebration.


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How To Spice Up Your Corporate Party

In all honesty corporate parties can be extremely boring.  A lot of employees that attend to such events do it out of obligation. Sometimes it seems that the people who organize such events never heard of a corporate party DJ service.

What ends up happening at these events is a transformation of a party into a social gathering in which people mostly talk about their job.  Everyone can relate to such situations in which they go to a corporate party and see groups of people standing and just chatting, eating and drinking.  It turns into a boring gathering and still, people attend to these parties year after year or rarely refuse to participate.  This happens mainly because it is seen as an obligation or a means to please someone like a boss or colleague.corporate party How To Spice Up Your Corporate Party

To make it a bit more bearable, corporate party DJs should be hired.  These situations are mainly caused by the music and mood of the people attending.  Fortunately, the mood can be changed with the aid of proper music. Instead of having a playlist running with preset boring songs, having a real DJ running the show can truly turn such a social gathering into a party.

In general, a corporate DJ service knows a bit about the type of people that work in offices sitting down all day.  They have rather good knowledge about what kind of music most like based on age and several other factors.  These specialized DJs make a living out of turning a party from dull to fun which explains why such services tend to be increasingly popular. Corporations that end up paying for such services rely on another benefit of creating an enjoyable party.  It increases employee satisfaction and makes it less of a burden to attend.  It actually makes the employees want to attend.  Instead of talking about work and problems people will get to gather up, talk about personal topics, dance a bit, eat and drink for free and have a blast.

In the end, corporate parties can turn into a great occasion to improve employee satisfaction and get them to socialize a bit in a different environment rather than at the office.  It the organizers play their cards right it can turn into a blast and people will look forward for the next one. All it takes is a decent corporate party DJ service that knows how to lift the spirits.  Hire the professional DJ’s from Beat By Beat Entertainment to make your event a night to remember.

Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

We’ve all been there. Friends decide to go all spontaneous with their wedding and tell us a day or two before the big day.  Of course, we all want to come bearing the best gifts, especially if a close friend or family member is getting married.  Not to worry, though.  There are tons of wedding gift ideas that are spectacular, whether you bought them a few months ago or yesterday.  Show your creativity under pressure with these amazing last minute wedding gifts for your newlywed friends.

Spa Date
If this wedding was sprung on your literally just a few hours before it is bound to happen, go out and buy the couple a spa date.  Most spas offer wedding gift Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideascertificates that allow the couple to choose what day they want to come in. After a hectic day of preparing a wedding and going through the ceremony, a couple will surely appreciate a few hours of relaxation in their favorite spa.

Post Wedding Photoshoot 
Most couples do not think about getting a post wedding shoot especially those who hold a last-minute wedding.  Book a local photographer and have the couple discuss what day they want to hold the shoot.  There are photographers who offer gift packages as photoshoots so you can simply hand over a photo shoot voucher and tell the couple that they are booked. The couple may want to use the voucher for post wedding photos or even for maternity pics.

His and Hers Shirts 
These are fairly popular and your friends may have a pair of these already, but there are so many creative twists to the couple shirt that you are bound to find a design that is unique for them.  A Mr. and Mrs. shirt or an “I’m with her” “I’m with him” will work great. Plus, shirts are cheap and printing them out will just take a few minutes.

Personalized Photo Album
Most couples often want to have printed versions of the photos they post on Facebook, but only a few really get down to printing them out.  Do the dirty work and print these out yourself into a personalized photo album. Your photo shop is bound to offer personalize photo albums that you can get in a matter of hours.  Download the couple’s photos from their social networking sites or blogs, arrange everything to fit the album and voila, the perfect gift for newlyweds.

The perfect wedding gift is not really that hard to find.  All you need to do is be creative, think about what the couple would like, want or need, and go out and get it.  Chances are, you’ll find something that is creative, fun and will fit your budget perfectly.

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Why Hire a Professional DJ?

Music sets the tone for occasions whether you have an intimate dinner for two or a loud bachelor’s party. No matter what kind of occasion you are planning, having a DJ in the house will make sure that your party starts off with the a bang and stays that way until it’s time to turn the lights out. Here are a few reasons why hiring a DJ for any occasion, whether it’s a wedding reception, your daughter’s quinceanera, a bar mitzvah, or a bridal shower makes perfect sense.

Why You Need to Hire a DJ 
A DJ will make sure that the appropriate music is always playing in your party. A DJ,whether he is an amateur or a total pro, knows what music fits your occasion because he is familiar with a wide range of music genres and songs from these genres. He can mix tunes to create customized sounds for your party, and will keep your party going when it starts to get a little bit boring. In fact, when you hire a wedding DJ, for example, you can stop worrying why hire a dj 300x208 Why Hire a Professional DJ?about whether or not the reception will be a hit or not. When it comes to moving the party along, your DJ can do that for you too. In fact, when the program has ended and your guests start dancing, it is pretty much up to the DJ to take it through to the last hour of the party and make it more fun for everyone in the room.

You want your party to be a hit but worrying about it won’t be any fun for you. With the right DJ, you can step back and just enjoy your party with the rest of your guests. Contact Beat By Beat Entertainment today for a FREE consultation on how you can get a professional DJ that will cater to your event!

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Beat by Beat/3BDJS Introduces New Party Packages

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Planning an event but don’t know where to get started? Beat by Beat is here to help. That’s why we’re introducing our new party packaged. These bundled groups of services can be bought as is or customized with additional service and options. It’s an easy way for events planners to get started, providing lists of services and pricing that can fit any budget.

Party planners can choose from one of four levels – Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Plus. Want to find out more?

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