Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

We’ve all been there. Friends decide to go all spontaneous with their wedding and tell us a day or two before the big day.  Of course, we all want to come bearing the best gifts, especially if a close friend or family member is getting married.  Not to worry, though.  There are tons of wedding gift ideas that are spectacular, whether you bought them a few months ago or yesterday.  Show your creativity under pressure with these amazing last minute wedding gifts for your newlywed friends.

Spa Date
If this wedding was sprung on your literally just a few hours before it is bound to happen, go out and buy the couple a spa date.  Most spas offer wedding gift Last Minute Wedding Gift Ideascertificates that allow the couple to choose what day they want to come in. After a hectic day of preparing a wedding and going through the ceremony, a couple will surely appreciate a few hours of relaxation in their favorite spa.

Post Wedding Photoshoot 
Most couples do not think about getting a post wedding shoot especially those who hold a last-minute wedding.  Book a local photographer and have the couple discuss what day they want to hold the shoot.  There are photographers who offer gift packages as photoshoots so you can simply hand over a photo shoot voucher and tell the couple that they are booked. The couple may want to use the voucher for post wedding photos or even for maternity pics.

His and Hers Shirts 
These are fairly popular and your friends may have a pair of these already, but there are so many creative twists to the couple shirt that you are bound to find a design that is unique for them.  A Mr. and Mrs. shirt or an “I’m with her” “I’m with him” will work great. Plus, shirts are cheap and printing them out will just take a few minutes.

Personalized Photo Album
Most couples often want to have printed versions of the photos they post on Facebook, but only a few really get down to printing them out.  Do the dirty work and print these out yourself into a personalized photo album. Your photo shop is bound to offer personalize photo albums that you can get in a matter of hours.  Download the couple’s photos from their social networking sites or blogs, arrange everything to fit the album and voila, the perfect gift for newlyweds.

The perfect wedding gift is not really that hard to find.  All you need to do is be creative, think about what the couple would like, want or need, and go out and get it.  Chances are, you’ll find something that is creative, fun and will fit your budget perfectly.

By: Beat By Beat Entertainment–Your Wedding Planning Experts in Long Island